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Replacement cost applies to the reconstruction cost of your home on the original site, constructed to the same specification, and using the same materials.
Extended Replacement Cost is when your insurer pays for your home to be restored or fixed to its condition before the damage with increased maintenance costs even if the loss amount exceeds the home liability policy limits.
Replacement value of your personal property covers the cost of repairing your personal property in cases that it gets damaged or lost by a covered loss.
Loss of use coverage includes any additional living expenses, which means any required expenses that exceed what you normally spend.
The liability limit applies to the overall amount of money the insurer pays for if something bad happens to you, to your things, or to your properties.
The other structure coverage of the home insurance policy offers cover most types of structures that aren't linked to your house.
Umbrella insurance applies to liability insurance that exceeds the other policies and for risks not covered by the other policies.
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An additional insured endorsement expands the scope of your liabilities to a third party to mitigate any potential risk of liabilities that you may generate for him/her.
Building Ordinance Insurance is loss protection incurred by the implementation of laws or ordinances regarding the construction and repair of damaged buildings.
Earthquake insurance protects losses caused by an earthquake, a sudden and violent ground shaking resulting from earth's crust movement that can be applied to an existing homeowners insurance policy as a replacement or bought as a separate policy.
Inflation guard coverage is an extra commitment to keep the home insurance on an equal level with the reconstruction costs. Unless periodically revised, the insurance plans maintain their nominal value to the time you bought them.
A sewer backup coverage endorsement reimburses you for water damage to the structure of your home or personal property if it's discharged or overflows from a sewer or drain.
A coverage that protects a home's residents, who are not the owners, from theft.
If your loved one is suddenly displaced, the Assisted Living Care Coverage includes compensation for extra living expenses.

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