Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance California

Commercial Auto Insurance California , also referred to as Commercial Auto Insurance contains coverages specifically designed to protect vehicles for business. This applies both if companies own or lease their vehicles. It helps protect your business and your drivers against serious risks, from collisions and injuries to property damage. In most cases, personal car insurance policy won’t cover accidents that occur when you’re driving a vehicle for business purposes. Furthermore, commercial vehicle policy is designed to help companies cover the costs of repairing or replacing company vehicles within the boundaries of the insurance policy.

Coverage may include vehicles owned, leased by the company or employee-owned vehicles used for business purposes. Commercial auto insurance can cover a combination of vehicle types and drivers, as well as some types of motorized equipment. Regardless if you use your own car, a pickup or a box truck to get the job done, we offer the protection to keep your business moving forward. Compare commercial auto insurance quotes to protect your business vehicles. Find the right commercial auto insurance and start saving with NEWS Insurance. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about business auto coverage and discuss your insurance needs. Give us a call at 1-877-700-6397 or request a quote online.

Business Owners Policy

Business Auto Insurance Coverage

From accidents to injuries, having the right protections in place are just as crucial as having the vehicle itself. In addition to the vehicle, you also have to make sure that everything that your company vehicle transports are protected. Commercial auto insurance usually offers coverage for the following types of losses:

  • Liability Coverage. Liability coverage pays the injured party’s medical and repair bills, lost wages, funeral expenses, or your legal fees.
  • Collision Coverage. Pays for repairs or replacement vehicles if your car or truck was involved in a crash.
  • Comprehensive Coverage. It helps pay for repairs or replacement of an insured vehicle if it’s damaged by events other than a collision. Covered events can include vandalism, fire, damage from theft, flying or falling objects, and windshield damage.
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage. This pays if you or your insured driver is injured by another motorist who is either uninsured or underinsured. This coverage will pay for the injuries to your driver and passengers.

Business Auto Insurance should cover you, business partners, and employees who are legally authorized to operate the company’s vehicle. No matter what kind of car you drive, business auto insurance is a definite must-have.

Businesses who need Commercial Auto Insurance

Business auto insurance can benefit almost any type of industry. Commercial auto policies can insure a single vehicle all the way up to a full fleet. These are just a few of the parties that can enjoy the benefits of commercial auto insurance.

Contractors – including landscaping, electricians, plumbers, and other trades
Service Industry – Janitorial and cleaning services, locksmiths, or basic lawn service
Distribution – Business making many deliveries, such as bakeries, food distributors, vending operations, etc.
Automotive Service – Roadside assistance and tow truck operators

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To prevent losing your hard-earned revenue due to an auto accident, insure your vehicles and drivers. Auto Insurance is an essential financial decision that will keep your business covered. NEWS Insurance experienced staff will tailor a package to protect your business to give you the peace of mind. In addition to provide proper business auto insurance, we also offer all kinds of business insurance.

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