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Nowadays online transaction is popular, in which identity theft case arise that’s why it’s better to have identity theft insurance California. Most people purchased their things online because it’s more convenient, but sometimes it is dangerous. Purchasing products online using your credit card information is one of the easiest ways to steal your information. In other words, with small personal information you give, someone can steal your information and use it for financial purposes. According to the Federal Trade Commission, there is a 1.4 million fraud report in 2018 in which it costs around $1.48 billion in losses. The most common cases for fraud are debt collection, imposter scams, and identity theft. Moreover, the most prevalent cases in identity theft were using credit cards for transactions. Therefore, having identity theft insurance can help us secure our money and personal information about this kind of incident.

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Identity Theft Insurance California Coverage

Identity theft insurance does not only cover financial loss, but it also covers a lot of issues like restoring your credit card and financial reputation. This insurance policy provides rebuilding services to help make the procedure simpler for you and your family. This provides coverage for the expense. For example, notary expenses, legal fees, loan reapplication fees, and lost wages because of the time taken from work to restore your credit card. Identity theft insurance offers resolution services, credit monitoring and more. In other words, they will monitor your credit card report, websites and even medical record for indications of extortion and they will notify you if something suspicious happens. For example, your credit card number appears for sale on the dark web, you will get informed about it. The more you understand fraud, the more prepared you are to ensure yourself and your loved ones.

Who Is The Most Targeted In Identity Theft?

Most identity thieves target those who do not regularly check for warning sign and does not check their credit reports. For example, visiting a website that needs information and they immediately give their personal information. Most people with security number is at risk for identity theft, but most thieves target children and seniors. Seniors most often targeted over internet phishing and through telephone. Because people are becoming more trusting as they get older, that’s why seniors can’t detect thieves.

Most Reported in 2020:

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center that most insurance companies will focus on data privacy, data abuse and data breaches. Because the internet of things is arising and today people are depending on the technology and the internet. Cyber criminals are more aggressive they use stealthier methods so they can commit fraud. Criminals are now targeting IoT devices, in which the average of attack per month is 5233. IoT devices like routers and connected cameras. Moreover, they also predict that all people will become more prepared and knowledgeable in terms of these incidents. The more people know about this incident, the more they will get insurance for their personal information.

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