Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance California

Protection for the Open Road

Motorcycle insurance California covers most types of bikes, including sport bikes, cruisers, touring bikes, high-performance motorbikes, street and scooters. When you’re ready for riding on a beautiful, cloudless day, you want to know that you’ll be protected, not just physically, but also financially. Operating a motorcycle responsibly, not to mention legally, requires that drivers purchase motorcycle insurance California . It is vital to ensure that you have the right amount of motorcycle insurance in case an accident should occur.

Enjoy your ride even more by making sure you have the right motorcycle insurance coverage for your bike. More than just cheap motorcycle insurance, NEWS Insurance has been your trusted motorcycle insurance agency for more than 40 years. Let us take a look at your current policy and evaluate your California motorcycle insurance. Contact us to learn more about the right motorcycle insurance California for you.

Motorcycle Insurance

Find the right insurance coverage for your bike

Getting the right motorcycle coverage protects the rider and the motorcycle by covering the following:

1. Medical bills for injuries to the rider – This will cover medical bills for the rider if they are injured while riding. This can include accidents that do not involve other vehicles as well as multi-vehicle collisions.

2. Property damage to the bike – This not only covers accident coverage for the bike, but also theft and vandalism. Much like a vehicle, this covers everything from surface damage like dents to major accident damage.

3. Bodily injury to others injured – This is an important part of liability insurance to cover injuries caused to others. When a motorcycle is in an accident, it is generally the most damaged vehicle involved and may not cause much damage to persons, but if a motorcyclist were to strike a pedestrian in an accident, there could be massive liability charges.

4. Collision coverage – Protects the rider if they cause an accident that causes damage to any other vehicles or property.

5. Comprehensive or total loss coverage – Provides the rider with full protection and/or replacement in the event that the bike is totaled. If you own a classic or custom bike, you will want to secure a specialized policy that provides a stated value.

More at Risk than Meets the Eye

But accidents aren’t the only dangers that exist. There are many other risks that affect bike riders such as vandalism, an attempt of theft, or flooding, etc. With so much at stake, having a policy in place becomes necessary to ensure safe ownership and riding.

Riders should never take to the road recklessly or under the influence. Insurance is a protection, but your life and the life of others is the most important thing to consider.

Staying on the Right Side of the Law

Most states require coverage in order to operate a motorcycle regardless of whether you have a classic bike, a scooter, or any other motorized two-wheeler. Certain vehicles require specialized policies such as ATVs but they are essentially motorcycle policies that have been adapted to fit certain high-risk uses.

A typical motorcycle policy has both liability and property coverage. Due to the higher likelihood of theft, premiums are usually higher for bikes than for autos; however, each situation is unique and our qualified agents can help guide you through the process of choosing the coverage that best fits your situation and desired coverage.

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