What Are The Best Motorcycle Insurance Plans In California?

What Are The Best Motorcycle Insurance Plans In California?

What Are The Best Motorcycle Insurance Plans In California?

In California, motorcycle insurance plans are mandated to all riders, especially a minimum limit of liability coverage. For motorcycle riders, the minimum liability limit in California is at least $15,000 per person injured, $30,000 to all persons injured per accident, and $5,000 on property damages. In insurance providers, this is asign as 15/30/5.

There are a lot of factors to determine the motorcycle insurance rate of a rider. Typical motorcycle insurance plans in California range from an average of $200- $800 a year. Generally, motorcycle insurance in California varies on the coverage that is included in the plan. Besides, it can also vary on the location of the proposed insured, age, gender, and other more factors that are related to the vehicle of the insured.

Best Motorcycle Insurance Plans In California

(1)Nationwide – is a known insurance company for safe drivers.

(2)Safeco – this insurance company is widely known for ensuring individuals with its affordable coverage rates.

(3)Farmers this insurance company is best for bundling of policy

(4)Allstate – this insurance company is known for its expertise in ensuring young drivers.

(1)Best Motor Insurance Plans Nationwide Can Offer You

Nationwide Insurance is an insurance provider who is known for its expertise in insuring safe motorcycle drivers. These safe drivers are the one who has a safe driving record. Also, nationwide offers a vanishing deductible option, on which this deductible can be reduced for up to $100 a year, only if the policyholder is claims-free, on the whole, annual term of the policy. Coverages that Nationwide offers include liability coverage on which can cover the liability of the insured to a third party person. In addition, they also offer collision and comprehensive coverage; this coverage could cover the damages to the insured’s property. Nationwide also provides uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments, roadside assistance, and towing and labor coverage. Nationwide also offers multi-vehicle discounts, good driving discounts, multi-policy discounts, anti-theft device discounts, riding-association discounts, and anti-lock brake discounts.


Safeco is an insurance company that is much known for its affordable motorcycle insurance plans. They ensures all types of motorcycles, including scooters, touring bikes, cruisers, sports bikes, choppers motorcycle, dirt bikes, and mopeds. Also, Safeco is an A-rated insurance provider that is part of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group.

Coverages Options At Safeco Insurance

Liability Coverage
Bodily Injury

This coverage can cover the insured against bodily injury claims from a third party person. It can provide payments for injury claims. In addition, it can also help the insured on settling legal claims, should the third party person files a legal claim against the third party person.

Property Damages

Property damages liability coverage can cover the insured against property damages liability claims from a third party person. However, coverage would only be applicable if the insured is held legally liable for the other person’s property damages.

Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM/UIM)

In some states, this coverage is mandatory, because of this coverage can cover the insured form injuries, and even until the extent of death, should the driver procures an accident. In contrast, the person at-fault is uninsured or does not carry liability coverage. Another scenario for this is, should the driver obtains an injury and property damages due to hit and run accidents. Furthermore, this coverage can also cover the insured if he procures an accident as a pedestrian.

Underinsured Motorist

The underinsured motorist can cover the difference or the gap between what the person at-fault’s liability insurance could pay.

For further illustration, considering that the person at fault is insured; however, his liability coverage is not enough to cover all the costs for the insured’s bodily injury and property damages. With this scenario, the insured’s motorcycle insurance policy could cover the gap.

Medical Payments

Medical payments coverage could cover the insureds medical care bills and its hospital bills, should the insured procures an accident. It can also cover the passengers from medical bills, regardless of who’s at fault for the accident. This coverage that Safeco offers is an optional coverage, on which the insured may or may not add this to their policy.

Custom Parts Coverage

This coverage is also an optional coverage, on which the insured could add up to $20,000 limits, for the permanently attached customized parts on the insured’s motorcycle. It could cover customized devices, accessories, devices, and equipment. In addition, it could also cover the customized parts that are initially installed by the manufacturer. However, even though this additional coverage is separate from the insured’s comprehensive and collision coverage, this is also subject to the same deductible.

Covered Custom Parts
  • Customized wheels including, suspension wheels, alloy or magnesium wheels, and wheel covers, are covered.

  • Motorcycle dash accessories

  •  Customized frame protections

  • Grab bars

  • Customized Fuel Tanks

  • Customized decals and paints

  • Anti-theft devices

  • Customized leather seats

  • Any customized parts that are installed by a dealer, but not offered by the manufacturer.

Special Policy Programs

Safety Apparel Replacement

Safety apparel replacement coverage could replace the apparel that the insured is wearing during the collision accident. It includes the boots, helmet, gloves, and jacket of the insured. This coverage has no deductible and typically no extra charges.

Take Note:

Damages to the personal property of the insured, such as damages to its regular clothes, would not be applicable for this coverage. Your homeowner’s insurance could cover the losses only if the damages are due to covered losses. 

New Harley-Davidson Replacement

If the insured is owning a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle, Safeco could offer the insured a replacement cost coverage, however, for up to 2 years after the purchase date only.


This insurance provider offers discounts that could help individuals to save money while purchasing motorcycle insurance policy. Furthermore, if the proposed insured wants a lower motorcycle insurance plan rate, he can always choose a higher deductible rate. However, when you increase your deductible, you have to make sure that you can pay that deductible every time a loss occurs.

Homeowners Policy Bundling Discount

Riders who own a homeowner’s policy with Safeco and then also purchase motorcycle insurance with the same carrier, the insured could receive an up to 20% discount with his motorcycle insurance policy.

Garage Discount

Considering that the proposed insured has an enclosed or garaged that can be locked and secure at night, the insured can also get a discount.

Rider’s Driving Experience

The rider has a more extensive driving experience on the road, the more the rider could undoubtedly get a motorcycle insurance policy discount. Discounts can be applicable to drivers who have more than four years of driving experience.

Rider’s Club Discount

If the rider is participating in one of 24 approved riding associations or clubs, the rider could also get a policy discount.

Motorcycle Safety Course Discount

Once the rider completed a safety course for drivers, the driver could get a policy discount for up to 3 years. However, the rider should provide proof of the certificate that he completed the safety driving course.


Farmers Insurance Group is an insurance company that is well known as the best insurance provider in the bundling of policy. In addition, Farmers could ensure special bikes, including vintage motorcycles, custom made bikes, low-speed bikes, and ATVs. Farmers Insurance Group is also an A+ rated insurance company that is a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Group, a swiss company.

Coverage Options At Farmers Insurance Group

Like other insurance companies, Farmers can also offer Liability coverage, medical payments coverage, and custom parts coverage. In addition, they can also provide collision and comprehensive coverage and Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. However, Farmers Insurance Group’s difference from other insurance companies, is that they can offer special coverages for special bikes.

Vintage Package

The vintage package can provide coverage to the insured who has a motorcycle that is more than 25 years of age. However, coverage would only be applicable if the bike is adequately maintained and restored to its original condition.

Low Speed

A low-speed package could cover the insured who has a low-speed motorcycle. An example of this low-speed vehicle is an electric motorcycle.

Custom Motorcycle

The Custom motorcycle package can provide coverage to limited-edition motorcycles. In addition, it can also cover bikes that are one of a kind and can equip in more than $30,000 in options.

Legal Street ATV’s

The ATV’S package could provide coverage to legal ATV’s that meet the standard requirements of operating on highways.

Motorcycle Choice Packages, Farmers Insurance Can Offer You

Saver Package
  • First accident forgiveness

  • Optional equipment coverage

  • Towing and roadside assistance coverage

Plus Package

$1,500 on safety apparel coverage

Total loss settlement for a brand new Harley-Davidson for up to two years after the purchase date.

Coverage for trip interruption

Towing and roadside assistance coverage

Elite Package
  • $5,000 on equipment coverage

  • Up to $2,500 on safety apparel coverage

  • >$2,000 personal effects coverage at replacement cost

  • Up to 5 years of total loss settlement based on the value of the new motorcycle

  • Increased rental coverage

  • Diminishing deductible


Allstate Corporation is an insurance company that has expertise in ensuring young riders.

In addition, Allstate can provide coverage to motorcycles that are used as main transportation of the insured, or even if it is only for weekend rides. Allstate can also offer other motorcycle coverages, and here we will give you the list of that.

Coverages Of Motorcycle Insurance, Allstate Can Offer You!

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage can cover the insured against bodily injury and property damages claims from a third party person. In addition, this coverage is a force in California. This coverage could pay for the medical bills and property repairs if the insured is the one who causes the accident. However, coverage would only be applicable up to the policyholder’s liability limits.

Collision Coverage

This coverage could help pay the repair and replacement of the motorcycle if the damages are due to collision accidents. It can cover damages that are due to colliding with other vehicles and objects.

Comprehensive Coverage

If the motorcycle of the insured incurs damages due to incidents that are other than collision, these damages include fire, theft, animal damages, flood, vandalism, and other more covered damages. Comprehensive coverage could help pay for the repairs, or it could also pay for the replacement.

Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If the insured procures an accident, and the person at fault doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough liability coverage to pay for the medical bills — property damages of the insured. Uninsured motorist coverage could help pay for the related costs of covered losses.


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