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Individual Dental Insurance California

Individual dental insurance California plans make it easier to get your regular dental checkups. It’s no secret that dental health contributes to better overall wellness. People without dental coverage are 67% more likely to have heart disease. Thus, exercising a dental visit is very important to ensure that you are at peak oral fitness. Dental insurance is designed to cover part of dental care ranging from preventive care like routine preventive cleanings to more major dental care like root canals. Think of dental insurance as an investment for your beautiful smile. Individual Dental Insurance reduces your out of pocket cost for important dental treatments.

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

Individual Dental Insurance reduces your out of pocket cost for important dental treatments. Here are some reasons why dental insurance is important:
  • Save money for expensive dental care. Oral surgery means thousands of dollars out-of-pocket payment. Having an individual dental insurance policy helps pay a decent fraction of your dental services.
  • Dental health helps overall health. Research shows that having an oral infection or disease is a symptom of more serious health issues. Stay up-to-date on your mouth’s overall health, avoid added expense to your budget.
  • Peace of Mind. Your Pain Doesn’t Wait, Why Should You? If anything happens to your oral health at any given time, dental insurance will have your back
Individual dental insurance


Understanding dental insurance policies are straightforward on what is covered and exactly how much you have to pay out-of-pocket. However, you should understand a variety of terms in order to know what’s covered. Here are some things to know about how a dental insurance plan works.


The amount of money charged to you for purchasing your insurance policy.


The out-of-pocket payment you will pay in an insurance claim before the insurance company pays.


The percentage you will pay for a medical cost that your individual dental insurance covers after your deductible has been met.


A fixed amount you pay for a covered health care service, typically after having paid a deductible.
Enjoy the healthy smile you deserve! Let NEWS Insurance make it easy for you to shop and compare the prices of individual dental insurance plans. Receive up to 40% discounts on services ranging from checkups to braces, dentures to root canals. We can make every dentist appointment less painful for you and your wallet. Get quality dental insurance coverage at a reasonable price, request a quote now.