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Travel Trailer & RV Insurance California

Do you have the right RV insurance California coverage? Recreational vehicles (RV) provide a lot of enjoyment but also bring with them some unique risk and exposures. Without true Recreational Vehicle insurance, your emergency expenses incurred while traveling would undoubtedly come out of your own pocket. Don’t make the mistake of trying to insure your RV with a traditional car insurance policy. The RV is an interesting combination of residence and vehicle and needs an insurance policy that reflects that classification. Don’t let the unexpected get in the way your vacation investment by not carrying the proper coverage. Like any other valuable asset, you need to protect your RV against loss or damage arising from the unexpected. NEWS Insurance Agency offers insurance coverages for all types of travel trailers including camping trailers, travel trailer, motorhome, and more.

Let us help you get the right RV insurance

Insuring your RV can seem like a complicated process. Make sure you are covered with the right Motorhome Insurance before you start driving anywhere. Speak with our experts for competitive market rates, comprehensive coverage and customized solutions for all your risk protection requirements. No matter how you use your RV, make sure you’re protecting your investment with RV insurance. NEWS Insurance can help you compare quotes for motorhome or Camper Insurance. Whether you own a motorhome, trailer or Truck Camper, our courteous staff knows and understands your specific RV insurance needs. To help you determine what type and amount of insurance coverage is right for you, contact our insurance experts at 1-877-700-6397.
RV Insurance

What Does RV Insurance Cover?

Like your auto insurance, there are many types of insurance coverage, many of which are optional. Some of the coverages that are more similar to those found in auto policies include:

Bodily Injury Liability

can help pay medical bills and loss of income if you cause an accident with your RV and someone is injured.

Property Damage

Pays for another person’s property when damaged by your vehicle. It includes their vehicle and other structures.

Collision coverage

Pays for damage to your vehicle that is caused by a collision.

Comprehensive damage

covers things that are not collision-related like theft, falling objects, fire, and vandalism.

Uninsured motorist

Helps cover you and your passengers’ injury treatment if you’re hit by a driver who doesn’t have insurance. It also helps repair the cost of your damaged RV.

Underinsured motorist

Pays for damages that exceed the amount of coverage carried by a driver with insufficient coverage to cover your damages.

Medical Payments

coverage can help pay for the medical bills you or your passengers face if you’re involved in an accident in your RV.